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Energy Suppliers (FiT Licensee)

You should aim to identify the FiT Licensee that you wish to sell to and obtain their application forms as early as possible so that you are well prepared when you receive your Installation Certificate.

There is not a requirement to register for the Feed in Tariff (FiT) payment with your existing electricity supplier. However, there is an increasing tendency for the FiT Licensee to require the generator to be an existing customer.

Currently, all Licensee’s offer the same FiT and Export payments, and any differences relate to specific Terms and Conditions and set up arrangements. Sims Solar can advise on the current market situation at the time of FiT application.

You should be aware that you cannot back date your application more than five days, nor apply earlier than the commissioning date of your system.

FiT licensees (current until 1 March 2016)

British Gas
T 0800 316 1477
E customer.service@contactus.britishgas.co.uk

T 08000 302 302
E microtricity@ecotricity.co.uk

T 0800 404 9087
E feedintariffs@edfenergy.com

T 0845 301 4884
E feedintariffenquiries@eonenergy.com

First Utility
T 0192 632 8006
E feedintariffs@first-utility.com

T 0113 306 2135

Good Energy
T 0800 254 0000
E enquiries@goodenergy.co.uk

Green Energy
T 0800 954 0675
E edd@greenenergyuk.com

T 0330 202 0228
E FIT@iSupplyEnergy.co.uk

The Midcounties Co-operative
T 0800 781 1597
E fit@cooperativeenergy.coop

T 0800 048 0520
E microgeneration@npower.com

Opus Energy
T 0845 040 5802
E corporaterenewables@opusenergy.com

Reuben Power
T 0207 517 2040
E info@reubenpower.co.uk

Scottish Power
T 0845 270 1414
E microgen@scottishpower.com

Smartest Energy
T 0141 206 3733
E stephen-mcinally@smartestenergy.com

Spark Energy
T 017 5072 6239
E fits@sparkenergy.co.uk

Scottish & Southern
T 08450 767 634
E microgeneration@scottish-southern.co.uk

Total Gas & Power
T 0192 371 3840
E info@tradelinksolutions.com

T 0192 371 3840
E fits@tradelinksolutions.com

T 01772 770410
E paddy.kay@utiliserve.co.uk

T 0196 289 1171
E fit@utilita.co.uk

Utility Warehouse
T 0844 815 7777
E feedintariffs@utilitywarehouse.co.uk


A current list of approved licensee is maintained by Ofgem.

When making your application, you will be asked to provide a copy of your Microgeneration Certification Scheme Installer Certificate, EPC Certificate and Proof of Ownership. The application forms themselves are straightforward and Sims Solar can assist with completion as necessary.

Some confusion may exist over the difference between Generation and Export Meters, an explanation is given below:

A Generation Meter is used to measure the amount of electricity generated and is the basis for determining the FiT payment. The Generation Meter reading is also used to determine the export payment where the applicant intends to be paid on the deemed export of 50% of electricity generated.

Export Meters are only required if you plan to sell more than half of what you generate back to the energy supplier. The option to be paid directly for what you export is generally limited to installations greater than 30kW installed capacity.

If you do anticipate selling more than half of what you generate, energy companies will require installation of an export meter (some free of charge, others for a fee), but you will need to contact them (or us) to discuss this.

For more information or help in your application, please do not hesitate to contact Sims Solar.


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