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Hot Water Heating with Generated Electricity

A developing product area is the use of automatic switching devices that can redirect excess electricity generated by photovoltaic solar panels that would normally be exported to the National Grid for use on-site to heat hot water and other resistive loads.

These devices do not currently affect the earning potential of PV systems which will remain the same, but they do provide a means of using the electricity that would be normally exported, to heat hot water, thereby providing a saving on fuel bills.

There are a variety of products on the market, ranging from simple devices that measure sunlight levels only and have a switching mechanism to supply power to the heat load, to sophisticated systems that monitor 'excess' electricity levels and modulate the power being supplied to the heat load accordingly.

These systems can be installed at the time of PV installation or retrofitted at a later date.

The immerSUN and Solar iBoost units are two devices that Sims Solar has been installing with great success. Both devices monitor the amount of exported electricity and any excess is automatically directed to your immersion heater or electric underfloor heating. The devices modulate the power sent to the heat load, preventing the import of electricity. If you turn on the kettle or washing machine, the devices will automatically reduce the power going to the electrical load avoiding unnecessary import of electricity.

The animation shows how the immerSUN system works:

The animation shows how the system works


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