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Now that the weather has started to improve it is worth making sure your solar thermal hot water system is ready for the summer heating season. An incorrectly operating system will not effectively transfer heat from the collector to the store, at best this will just waste money and give you no hot water, at worst it will lead to early pump failure and early degradation of the glycol based heat transfer fluid.

To check whether your system is working correctly please consider following steps:

    • Does it operate when the collector is exposed to sunlight? Some systems will have a sight glass to see the pumping rate and the controller will tell you the pump is running. A running pump symbol on the display does not necessarily mean liquid is actually being circulated, just that the pump is energised.
    • When the pump is operating can you hear gurgling noises from within the system? If you can, you may have air in the system and this will limit fluid circulation.
    • Does the pressure gauge read at least 1 bar when the system in cold? If not the system may have lost heat transfer fluid and need re pressurising.
    • Are there any obvious leaks?

If you have any doubts please feel free to consult with us.