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With the introduction of transformerless inverters we have always been aware of the possible increased risk of nuisance tripping of RCD circuit protection, a side effect of the greater efficiencies that these inverters can offer.

With the recent change in weather (July 2013) and increased risk of lightening strikes we have had a number of customers report tripping, where installed, of RCD protected PV circuits. All calls have related to installations where transformless inverters have been installed.

The tripping while potentially irritating is not unexpected and is a known risk associated with this type of inverter. The tripping does seam to correlate with local storm activity. To mitigate the possible knock on affect on other house circuits we always install our PV systems on dedicated circuits so that a fault on the PV circuits cannot impact on the remaining house circuits and vice versa.

The need for RCD protection does depend on the wiring solution required to comply with electrical regulations. If persistent tripping is encounered then we can look at an alternative wiring solution or different levels of circuit protection.

If your RCD does trip, then attempt to reset it, if the tripping is persistent then there may be a real hazard so give your installer a call for advice.