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SolarPV plus

You may have been approached by companies or seen adverts offering to improve the performance of your PV system by installing a SolarPV plus. The claims suggest savings of up to 25% are possible, our review of the device suggests the claims are unfounded and fitting the equipment is unlikely to yield the saving potential claimed.

The manufacturer of the device and their resellers are trading on the fact that all UK compliant solar PV inverters are required under UK regulations to power down when the supply voltage and frequency fall outside of set standards. The regulations are published under Regulations G83 and G59.

The solution being offered is to install a voltage optimser (for that is what it is) to reduce the voltage supplied to the inverter to less than 250v.

What is not recognised by the manufacture of SolarPV plus is that all current solar PV inveters are designed to operate over a wide supply voltage range (200.1V - 262.2V) and as such installing the SolarPV plus is unnecessary and if fitted is unlikely to provide any benefit.

It is true that modern electrical devices are designed to operate at 230V and accelerated aging of devices will occur at elevated supply voltages, but the device does not manage the voltage down to 230V.

The distribution network operators (DNO) are require to maintain the suppy voltage below 253V. If your supply voltage is higher than this then the first step is to appoach your local (DNO) and get them to measure and monitor the supply voltage and if it exceeds 253V request that the supply voltage is reduced. They can do this through a variety of means and at no cost to you.

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