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Sims Solar was called in to relocate an inverter today. The system had been installed by another PV solar panel installer in February 2011 and who was now quoting a lot to relocate the inverter. We were recommended to the householder by a past customer. Not wanting to be inherit a problem that was pre-existing we made various observations and performed various tests including a string test on each of the two strings before relocating the inverter. Much to our surprise we found the polarity of one of the two strings was reversed.

The system is nearly two years old and had been reduced to performing at 50% of optimum through an avoidable installer error. The customer had put the poor performance down to shading.

The customer has lost around £800 in FiT and export payments plus the loss in potential self consumption over this period.

Performing a string test is a requirement of commissioning a PV system, so not sure how the reversed polarity could be missed?

Fortunately the inverter manufacturer (Power One) anticipates these types of installations and builds in diodes to prevent inverter damage.

The Customer is now up and running and enjoying a PV system generating what it should have been doing from the start.